US Management

As the U.S. quartz stone supplier of Nande quartz stone, Nandeus is pleased to be a leading quartz distributor serving the direct quartz stone wholesale U.S. markets for quartz stone slabs. In business for over eight years, Nande quartz surfaces are engineered to the highest standards and sourced direct from China. With a long-standing reputation for delivering only the best in overseas quartz stone, Nande is the engineered quartz stone expert. Our quartz surfaces are easy to maintain and provide superior surfaces for many high end applications such as quality kitchen and bathroom quartz countertops. Our selection of quartz colors, such as our grey and white quartz stone slabs, have extremely high appeal in commercial and residential markets. Our brand is a force that towers above other quartz stone manufacturers and we would like to commend our customers for sharing their unequaled passion for excellence. We deliver a quality stone that only comes from experience. With leading edge technology and manufacturing, Nande quartz is one of the top surfaces for multifaceted interior applications. Scratch resistant, not likely to stain, and unaffected by heat, our quartz stone is adaptable to many designs and easy to install. If you are looking for a quartz stone supplier for industry professionals and designers, Nandeus.com is the alpha and omega for United States based customers looking for value engineered quartz stone from China.